The city of Paris never disappoints! The French capital is as contemporary as it is classic, as intense as it is subtle, as hype as cliche, as French as it is cosmopolitan… It is simply Paris!

Known as the City of Light, Paris is an important city in world history. It was once considered the most important city in the entire western world. In the seventeenth century, it was the capital of the largest European political power; In the eighteenth century it was the cultural center of Europe and in the nineteenth century it was the capital of art and leisure, the birthplace of the Belle Époque.

Symbol of French culture, the city of Paris we know today is so because of Napoleon III and Haussmann. Both were responsible for the project of urbanization and modernization of a city of medieval structure, old and unhealthy buildings. Today, Parisian architecture, avenues, parks and monuments attract nearly 30 million visitors a year.

The city of Paris is also the economic and commercial capital of France, where stock exchange and finance businesses are concentrated. Moreover, thanks to its geography, it is a hub of the air and rail transport network of France and Europe.

Drawn on the banks of the Seine, the French capital is divided into twenty arrondissements. A curious thing about the arrondissements is that if you look closely you will notice that the map is shaped like an escargot. Thus, the distribution of the neighborhoods began with the 1st arrondissement in the center of the map and the others scattered in a spiral shape.