Planning your honeymoon in Paris? 10 romantic ideas to include in your tour

Also known as the City of Love, Paris is a favorite destination for passionate couples and newlyweds. It is not too difficult to imagine the reason for dreaming of a honeymoon in Paris. The city itself is pure romanticism, with its classic architecture, charming cafes, beautiful gardens, and many other reasons.

To make this experience even more surprising, I decided to create this post to give you romantic ideas to enhance your travel itinerary. In the end, you will find a selection of romantic hotels and one of the hotels with a view of the Eiffel Tower. =)

If this is your first time in the city, my tip is to take a look at these two articles: Paris in 3 days and 4 days in Paris. Both are itineraries ready for you to know the main sights and other must-see places in Paris.

Romantic Ideas for Honeymoon in Paris

Just walking the streets of Paris and ending up in some charming cafe is a romantic program. I love going out on weekends with my husband for a walk, without commitment or final destination. But of course, you’re not going to do just that in the City of Love, right? So I prepared a list of programs and activities to do as a couple. 😉


1) One night in a romantic hotel

The first suggestion is to spend at least one passionate night in a super hotel, with lots of romantic services, or overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Romantic hotel options are not lacking in Paris of all prices. The most incredible ones can cost a little more expensive, but not to overflow the travel there is a solution: the

With the concept “24 hours in the best luxury hotels in the city”, Staycation offers a night for two people in some hotel in Paris and the region, for a much lower price. In addition to the special rate, some hotels offer great amenities, such as champagne and massage, for example.

Even as we live in Paris, my husband and I took the test and spent one night in a hotel room. The stay included massage, sauna, afternoon tea with macarons, and breakfast. It was a pleasant experience!

⇒ Romantic Hotels in Paris: Perfect Selection for Passionate Couples!

2) Cooking Class at the famous Ritz


How about “missing” a few hours preparing dinner with tips and tricks from renowned French chefs? The legendary Ritz hotel and restaurant also has a cooking school, Ritz Escoffier. There are both regular courses and some-hour workshops open to the public.

The most exciting option, in my opinion, is the eight hour Master Class. It always happens to some guest chef, who will teach you how to prepare a complete dinner with starter, plate, and dessert. At the end of the class, you taste everything you have learned and made, accompanied by excellent wines and your love, of course!

Ah, important information: For those who do not speak French, there is one person to translate in English. Just ask at the time of booking.

3) A rural ride through Montmartre

I could not help recommending Montmartre, even if he is already in other posts. It is merely one of the most romantic in Paris. Perfect for a walk hand in hand through the quiet streets. Also, it is in this neighborhood that you find the “Je t’aime” wall, a wall where it was written “I love you” in over 200 different languages.

To end the tour in Montmartre, you must have a drink on the roof of the hotel Terrass “and enjoy the beautiful view of Paris.


4) Daytrip to some charming little town

If the honeymoon in Paris is scheduled for spring or summer, there’s a lovely small city for a day trip: Giverny. During the spring, French painter Claude Monet’s beautiful gardens look so beautiful that you feel in a movie set.

5) Attend a performance at the Paris Opera

Cited in “The Phantom of the Opera,” Opera Garnier is yet another place in Paris that impresses. Its exquisite interior reminds us of all the pomp and luxury of the Palace of Versailles. Founded in 1669 by Louis XIV to be the Academy of Opera, the Paris National Opera was once the venue for performances by celebrated artists.

My tip is to attend some musical concerts, opera or ballet shows. Then dine at the delicious L’Ópera restaurant, set inside the Opera Garnier.


6) Wine tasting

If you like wine, why not enjoy your honeymoon in Paris to learn how to taste a good wine? Among the many wineries that hold a wine tasting, my suggestion is Les Caves du Louvre.

The Caves du Louvre is housed in a private hotel classified as a historical monument and was built by the Louis XV sommelier on the outskirts of the Louvre Museum.

Nowadays, in addition to a shop, it offers guided tour tasting workshops (in French or English) on-site… Also, there are workshops where you create your own custom-packed wine and everything.


7) Vintage car city tour

The idea here is to take a tour of the old city in a Citroen 2CV. This classic French car was very successful in the early days and is the face of Paris.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have already seen that I’m in love with these strollers and know that I already take photos.

During the 2CV tour, the driver will tell you stories and curiosities of Paris, while touring the main sights and unknown and vibrant streets.

8) Seine River Cruise

A classic of Paris is taking a boat trip along the Seine river and seeing the city from another angle. Even better if you choose the lunch or dinner option included. For the animated, some companies propose a lively night with live music and even cabaret show.

To choose the ideal tour, I recommend sites that have good options: ParisCityVision and Come to Paris. Both are great sites to look for journeys in Paris and the region.


9) A Night of Jazz

How about a live jazz night? Open since 1960, Café Laurent is a classic Parisian piano bar, once frequented by Voltaire and Rousseau.

It is a beautiful place with an intimate atmosphere. Situated in the Aubusson hotel, it has free entry, excellent cocktails, and the best whiskeys for those who enjoy it.

A second option is Jazz Club Etoile. Open for over 30 years, it welcomes French and international artists. In this venue, you have the option of attending the show and dinner or just the performance.

10) Romantic Dinner


Of course, you can’t miss a romantic dinner in a nice restaurant on your Paris honeymoon. For those staying at the Eiffel Tower, there’s the 58 Tour Eiffel inside the tower, and Les Ombres on top of the Quai Branly museum, with a privileged view of our Iron Lady.

If you are looking for something more upscale, with renowned chefs or even a star, restaurants in this style are not lacking in Paris. However, go with a prepared budget.

For starters, there’s the classic L’Abeille, situated in the Shangri-La hotel with 2 Michelin stars, and the menu is signed by chef Christophe Moret. Another option is a modern and refined Camellia restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, featuring French and Japanese cuisine and a beautiful garden.

For a more intimate and cozy dinner, the traditional Le Coupe-Chou. Located in the Quartier Latin, it has a menu of homemade dishes and fine wines from small producers.

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