How to pack a suitcase: Complete step by step!

After packing a lot of heavy suitcases, without need, I have been improving my process. Today, I’m still lazy, but I can wrap my bag in advance and in a much more organized way.

The way I’ve been doing it isn’t perfect, but it has worked. So I decided to share what my process is like and some tips that I learned from friends. Take a look. 😉


Below are some suggestions for saving time when packing and not carrying weight for nothing.


1) View baggage restrictions

Generally, it is allowed to check two 23kg bags for domestic flights and two 32kg bags for international flights from Brazil. However, each country and each airline has its own rules, and the weight and dimensions of the bags allowed may vary. So make sure you have the right size on the airline’s website before packing your suitcase.

2) Make a travel schedule

It can be on paper or spreadsheet, the important thing is to know what you will do during the trip. The idea is for you to keep all your programming in mind. If you’re going to have a trip to the museum, outdoor walks or indoors, whether to dine in a more chic restaurant or not, things like that. This will help you get a sense of what kind of clothes and shoes you will need for each tour activity, whether it’s a smoother or tidier look, etc.

3) Check the weather forecast

Very important!!! I usually start keeping an eye on the weather forecast about ten days before the trip, as the weather always fluctuates. So I like to have an idea of ​​how much it varies so as not to fret.

To do this, I use the free app, The Weather Channel (iOS and Android), because it brings a lot of information such as hourly forecast, sunrise and sunset time, air humidity and so on. Besides, I put fate in the weather forecast on my phone. I think this makes it much easier to pack your suitcase.

Another tip is to take a look at Instagram from people who live in the destination. Seeing how they are dressing in this season can help and inspire when it comes to setting up looks.


If the destination is the City of Lights, I already wrote a post explaining Paris’ weather for each season, with tips of looks and everything.

4) Take clothes that are really needed

Choose clothes according to how long you stay and what you want to do during the trip. For example, if you come to Paris in the winter, a cold coat is indispensable, but you don’t have to pack much of your bag with several jackets.

A single thick and warm coat is enough. And as I know that sometimes we want to vary the look in the photos, I say that you can make the variations with accessories that take up less space, such as the scarf.

The ideal is to bring “wild” pieces that you can assemble various looks and avoid stunning clothes that you will only wear once. This saves a lot of space in the suitcase. This “less is more” rule also applies to shoes. You are not a centipede and take a thousand pairs. The best thing is to have a comfortable shoe to wear during the day and a tidier one (maybe heel) at night.

I wrote about how is the European winter, and what are the essential pieces during this period. It can help you if your trip is scheduled for this season.

5) Replace the jar with small cases

Many people prefer to put all personal effects in a large travel jar. It’s not wrong, but if you put it in small bags, it may be easier to organize in the suitcase.

Put the makeup in one case, bath stuff in another and so on. This way, it is possible to fit each bag into the vacant spaces, taking advantage of even the corners of the suitcase.


6) Bet on the pocket versions

The miniature is life! Nowadays, almost everything has a pocket version that fits in the jar, including makeup and toothpaste. If you don’t have a miniature version or you care about your own miraculous product that you already have, you can buy a kit of small bottles to put what you have at full size. This will help you a lot!

7) Assemble a first aid kit

I suggest you carry a mini first aid kit in your suitcase for any trip. It does not have to be a pharmacy, put in a bag those medicines you are used to taking daily or that you may need. After all, no one wants to miss a day on the trip because of a migraine, stomachache, or fever.

It is also valid to put some medicines for poor digestion or something, especially if you like to taste the local cuisine because your digestive system may strange something and then you have seen.

It is worth remembering that in certain cities, some medications are only sold with a prescription, such as an allergy and asthma. So it is better to take along so as not to take risks while away from home.

8) Make a shortlist

I know it can be tedious, but a checklist with everything you need to bring, including your passport, helps you forget nothing. Especially if it’s a long trip to a distant place. Then make a list before packing and then scratch as you keep it.


9) Use the roller trick

Folding the clothes in a roll prevents them from becoming too wrinkled and optimizes the luggage space. Some say that doubling like that doesn’t help much, but I usually do like that, and I think it works super well.

You can wrap the piece individually or the full look (eg, skirt + blouse). In the second option, you avoid having to mess up the whole suitcase just because of one piece of clothing.

Once you have done the rolls, you will pack the suitcase as if you were filing documents, and place them upright, to make it easier to find something.

10) Store underwear in sachets

One more idea not to turn the whole suitcase. Try to have two bags, one for putting all your clean underwear and one for the dirty ones. You can even have a third bag to put on the socks if you don’t want to mix or put it in your shoes.

11) Towels and dryer, do you really need it?

A towel is something I rarely pack. It takes up a lot of space and not to mention that sometimes it doesn’t dry out in time to pack it back home, making it more burdensome. Apart from staying in a hotel, there are always fresh towels. If it’s only from Airbnb, some offer the basic kit that includes towels, and you can check whether or not you have it in the listing details.

A dryer is another item that is also regularly offered by hotels and other hosting services, just check before. It’s not always perfect, but you can finish your hair with a flatter or Babyliss that takes up less space. But if you still want to take your dryer, check the voltage of the place and your dryer. For example, if you have a 110v dryer, it will not roll here in France where the voltage is 220v.

12) Don’t forget the adapters

It’s not just the voltage that can vary from one place to another, the outlet too. So check what your travel destination looks like and provide a compatible adapter. I recommend you buy a universal adapter to avoid any error.

For example, in England, the socket inputs are entirely different from what we have in Brazil. So if you don’t have an adapter, it will be tricky to charge your phone or any other electronic item.

13) Use a vacuum bag to save space

If you’re one of those people who loves having clothing options to choose from right away, that’s fine! You can buy those vacuum bags and suck the air with a vacuum cleaner. This method is miraculous and saves so much luggage space.

I used a vacuum bag when I moved from London to Paris. I was already getting worried because I didn’t want to buy any more bags and it wouldn’t fit all. It was then that a friend gave this tip that saved me. Now I share with you. 😉


14) Bring a carry-on bag

Having a handbag is super important. This is where you will bring your documents, valuables such as jewelry and electronics, essential kit, a change of clothes (to use in case the bag is lost or dirty during the flight).

Besides, the handbag is useful to put a pillow and little things to pass the time, book and magazine are some examples.

15) Don’t forget the essential kit

It sounds obvious, but a lot of people forget to pack necessary travel items like toothbrush, toothpaste, and even documents. Who never arrived at the hotel and realized they forgot their toothbrush? I’ve forgotten several times and always had to come back from the trip with a new brush. Terrible, right ?! So put this at the top of your to-do list before boarding.

16) Identify your suitcase

Most bags have spaces to put ID tags, so be sure to fill them in. It is essential in case the airline loses it. It also helps to identify your bag in the wake of the landing, especially if it is a standard model.

17) Leave some luggage space

No leaving your suitcase packed right away, so you have to sit up to close it. Try to arrange in a way that over an area and it closes quietly. We always buy something during the trip, it’s no use deluding yourself and saying you won’t buy anything. It’s part of the journey!

Besides, I don’t know about you, but I hate to pack, especially when it’s time to go back. So I always tidy up anyway, I throw everything, and then I try to close it. Thus space decreases because everything is not organized as it is going. So if you’re like me, leave room in the suitcase.

What to avoid in making the bag

Some items can be avoided when packing or placed in the right place. I already gave some tips during the post, but I will leave some more examples below:


Manicure bag kit – Pliers and other sharp or sharp objects will cause you to lose your X-ray. So if you want to take it, put it in what will be dispatched.

Novos New or impractical shoes – Focus on those you are sure won’t hurt your feet after a full day of kicking.

◊ A thousand choices of jewelry, jewelry, and watches – It may not seem like it, but it takes a lot of space, and you probably won’t get so much on the trip, even for safety. So try to bring what you use most in everyday life and another item for special occasions, such as a dinner in a more chic place or a ballad.

◊ Carry clothes for each day – I’ve commented before you don’t need it. Just think that a piece of clothing needs to assemble two looks. For example, pants with two blouses, with each shirt matching one skirt and another.

So, what did you think of the tips on how to pack? Have any other suggestions? Share with me in the comments. 🙂


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