How to get around Paris? 5 ideas to get away from public transport

I have mentioned in some other posts that Paris is a city with geography that allows long walks on foot, as it is not full of long climbs, except in Montmartre. Therefore, I always recommend trying to do most of the walking tour and when you need it, take the bus instead of the subway and admire the city.

However, there are several other types of transport very interesting for those who do not want to walk a lot or take public transportation. These are options that still provide a different experience in the City of Light.


1) An old car ride

I start by talking about an option that is to transport you to another time. A car ride, but not in either. Must be a Citroën 2 CV, also known as Deudeuche. This car is a French classic and was very successful in the past – it became one of the best selling French vehicles.

Today it has become a collector’s object and a vintage symbol of Paris. Several companies offer a 2 CV ride through the Parisian streets, giving even more charm to your trip.

2) Bike Ride

Cycling is really a means of transportation in the French capital. To escape public transport, Parisians use their bikes daily. Also, the city of Paris has increasingly encouraged its use through new bike paths and a bicycle rental service, known as Vélib’.

You can rent a vélib yourself and tour the city. It’s straightforward, and you can buy the ticket over the internet at Vélib ‘website. Ah, it’s worth having a GPS to orient yourself.

Another alternative is a bike ride accompanied by a guide. This way, you don’t have to worry about the route, just follow the “master.”


3) Seine River Cruise

If you want to see Paris from another angle, the tip is to take a boat trip on the Seine. You will see from the Statue of Liberty (yes, Paris also a hehe), through the Eiffel Tower, Musee d’Orsay, Notre Dame Cathedral, Garden of Plants, among others.

To complete the tour, you can have lunch or dinner on the boat. It is also an excellent option for those who want to spend Christmas or New Year’s eve in Paris. Companies usually prepare dinner with special menu and music/show for these dates.

4) Bus tour

This is a classic of tourist cities that can be interesting as you take a trip with a guide which will give you several essential explanations of the main sights of Paris or make you look at details that might go unnoticed if you were walking alone.

In addition to the bus tour, you can buy combos, such as Paris City Tour + Seine River Cruise, or Paris City Tour + Eiffel Tower.


5) A tour around Paris on a retro motorcycle

For sunny and hot days in Paris, how about a motorcycle ride? The idea here is having a tour feeling the wind in your face, in a sidecar – a motorcycle that takes up to two passengers.

Unlike cycling, you don’t run the risk of getting lost, and you also need to be aware of Paris traffic that is not one of the easiest. So far, I only know the company Retro Tour Paris that offers this type of service, both day and night.

So, have you done any of these tours? If so, tell me what the experience was like. If not, what are you waiting for? = P



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