Maison Ruinart: Discover the oldest champagne house (and one of the best)

Anyone who appreciates good champagne must have heard of the Ruinart brand. Besides having the title of one of the best champagne brands, it has an essential role in the history of this drink that is so appreciated worldwide.

Therefore, for anyone planning to visit Reims and the region, I recommend visiting Maison Ruinart. Like the other brands, during the guided tour, you learn about the history of the brand. You will also learn how it is manufactured, discover the facilities, and taste a glass of good champagne, of course.

Together with my husband, we visited the Maison recently and decided to share my experience with you. =)


Inside Ruinart History

Ruinart was the first brand to market champagne. Before her, this “sparkling wine” that was discovered by chance was consumed by royalty. Being a drink that could only be carried in a barrel, it was quite expensive.

In 1729, after King Louis XIV freed storage of the beverage in bottles, the merchant Nicolas Ruinart created Maison Ruinart. However, the first bottles were never actually sold, as they were offered to Ruinart’s best customers.

By the 18th century, knowing that he was in the region of the crayères (caves and underground tunnels), Nicolas decided to use this underground space as a “natural cellar” to age champagne bottles.

Over time, other brands of champagnes emerged and also settled in the same region. As Nicolas Ruinart arrived first in this area gave Ruinart the most significant number of crayères (24 of the 100 in Reims) and the deepest at 40 meters deep.


Visiting Maison Ruinart in Reims

To visit the house, you must book in advance on the website. These are usually guided tours in French or English. You can also send an e-mail to request another language.

The person was a very nice Frenchwoman who studied in Lisbon. She started by explaining the whole story behind the brand, from the beginning to the present day. Then we went down to the first level of the tunnels, where we could already see some aging bottles and used machines in part of the manufacturing process.

We went down until we reached the deepest well, 40 meters below ground. To get a sense, the woman told us it’s about the same height as Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral … Can you imagine? Throughout this walk, the guide told us many interesting stories and information.

To end the visit, we tasted two glasses of champagne, one Ruinart and another Dom Ruinart. You can choose the type of champagne, rose or Blanc de Blancs. I tasted the rose and my husband the Blanc de Blancs, and so we tried them all. Who would not? Hehe. So I can say both types are lovely!


Ruinart Champagnes

R de Ruinart: A white champagne made from pinot noir (60{e7a52b1766653e5331f60fc2ac848da77792257506ce8968f1e5d5119bfb2019}) and chardonnay (40{e7a52b1766653e5331f60fc2ac848da77792257506ce8968f1e5d5119bfb2019}) grapes. A cheaper version of the ideal branding brand.

Ruinart Rosé: produced with pinot noir (55{e7a52b1766653e5331f60fc2ac848da77792257506ce8968f1e5d5119bfb2019}) and chardonnay (45{e7a52b1766653e5331f60fc2ac848da77792257506ce8968f1e5d5119bfb2019}) grapes. Ideal for appetizers and red meat.

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs: Made exclusively from chardonnay grapes. It should be consumed fresh at temperatures between 8 and 9 degrees.

Dom Ruinart: Premium brand line, they are vintage and longer aged champagnes (and with a divine flavor).


Preparing the visit


The visits take place between March and November, from Tuesday to Saturday.

However, my suggestion is to go between July and September, because it is hot and everything is green. Besides, you get the most out of the city of Reims. 😉

Online booking:

Address: 4 Rue des Crayères, 51100 – Reims

Any questions left? Have something to add? Leave it in the comments! 🙂



*Vem Comigo visited Maison Ruinart by invitation of the brand. However, the content of the post reflects only the opinion of the author.

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