Essential French vocabulary to find your way in Paris

The French are reputed to be arrogant and dislike English speakers. But that’s not true! It all depends on how we get to them and whether we try a basic French vocabulary. So, imagine that a gringo arrives in your country. He does not even want to know if you understand another language besides yours, and approach you to ask for information in another language … would you like it? I wasn’t going to enjoy it at all. Similarly, it is the case in France and everywhere. The important thing is not to speak the language you are strolling in but making at least an effort to communicate in the local language.


In Paris, if you start a conversation with at least one “Bonjour,” it will already make a big difference in how you will be treated. Of course, anywhere, there are rude and moody people. However, if you show humility and effort, the chance of being arrogantly received decreases considerably.

So I have prepared a list of French vocabulary and some basic phrases that will help you when you are in France. Also, in the end, I put some super help apps before and during the trip. Apps you can use to learn vocabulary pronunciation below. 😉


Bonjour – Hello / Good morning / Good afternoon

Salut – Hi / Hello (used between friends and close people)

Bonsoir / Bonne soirée – Goodnight (on arrival / departure)

Bonne nuit – Goodnight (when the person goes to sleep)

Je m’appelle Rafaela – My name is Rafaela

Enchanté (man) or Enchantée (woman) – Nice to meet you

Wow? Go! Et toi? – All right? -All right! Is that you?

S’il will plaît – please.

Merci / Merci beaucoup – Thank you / Thank you very much.

De rien – You’re welcome

Pardon – Sorry

Excusez-moi – Excuse me.

Au revoir – Bye

À demain – See you tomorrow

À bientôt – See you soon

Bisous – Kiss

Je ne parle pas francais – I do not speak French.

Je ne comprends pas – I don’t understand

Parlez-vous anglais? – Do you speak English?



Musée – Museum

Banque – Bank

Hôpital – Hospital

Pharmacie – Pharmacy

Magasin / Boutique – Store

Restaurant – Restaurant

Église – Church

Toilettes – Bathroom

Rue – Street

Avenue – Avenue

Plage – Beach



Ouvert – Open

Fermé – Closed

Petit déjeuner – Breakfast

Déjeuner – Lunch

Dîner – Dinner

Plat du jour – Dish of the day

Une table pour deux, s’il vous plaît! – A table for two, please!

Je voudrais … – I would like … (use to start your order)

Avez-vous le WiFi? / Quel est le mot de passe? – Do you have wifi? What is the password?

Verre – Glass

Assiette – Dish

Fourchette – Fork

Couteau – Knife

Cuillère – Spoon

Serviette – Napkin

Où sont les toilettes ? – Where is the bathroom?

L’addition, s’il vous plaît – The bill, please.



Coffee – Coffee

Café crème – Coffee with milk (may also be café au lait)

Eau – Water

Pain – Bread

Viande – Meat

Poisson – Fish

Poulet – Chicken

Pate – Pasta

Riz – Rice

Frites – French Fries

Salade – Salad

Fromage – Cheese

Vin blanc / rosé / rouge – White / rosé / red wine

Bière – Beer

Dessert – Dessert

Saignant – rare

A point – medium rare

Bien cuit – well done.



Voyage – Travel

Station de bus – Bus Station

Bus – Bus

Arrêt de bus – Bus stop

Gare – Train Station

Train – Train

Station de métro – Metro Station

Métro – Subway

Taxi – Taxi

Voiture – Car

Parking – Parking

Arrivée – Arrival

Départ – Depart

Entrée – Entrance

Sortie – Exit

Vélo – Bicycle



Aéroport – Airport

Avion – Airplane

Numéro de vol – Flight number

Compagnie Aérienne – Airline

Billet d’avion – Flight ticket

Enregistrement – Check In

Carte d’embarquement – Boarding Pass

Confirmé – Confirmed

Retardé – Delayed

Annulé – Canceled

Terminal – Terminal

Salle de départ – Departure room

Embarquement – Boarding

Police aux frontières – Immigration Control

Sécurité – Security

Décoller – Takeoff

Atterrissage – Landing

Bienvenue – Welcome



Gauche – Left

Droite – Right

Tout droit – Ahead

En haut – Up

En bas – Down

Loin – Far Away

Près – Close



J’ai réservé une chambre chez vous – I booked a room

Avez-vous un coffre ? – Do you have a safe?

Une chambre simple – A single room

Une chambre double – A double room.

Quel est mon numéro de chambre ? – What is my room number?

À quelle heure le petit-déjeuner est-il servi? – What time is breakfast served?



Combien ça coûte? How much?

Puis-je l’essayer? – Can I try it?

Vous avez une autre taille? – Do you have another size?

Je peux payer par carte? – Can I pay by card?

Puis-je payer en liquide? – Can I pay cash?

Soldes – Sales



Some apps can help you with French. Some are great for training before boarding, and others give that help when you are already in Paris. I have listed a few that I know and have even used.


DuolingoIt is a free application for Android and iOS. With it, you can study French, English, Spanish, and German. It is very educational and has exercises to practice grammar, comprehension, listening, and speaking. Moreover, the usability is excellent, which makes it easy to use.

Google Translate: No need for any introductions. You can use Google Translate to hear this vocabulary I’ve been through to train pronunciation. Just copy the word or phrase, paste and push the button with the speaker icon. Ready! The Google woman talks, and you learn. Another function is to translate even when you are in Paris and want to know the meaning of something. But be careful! Sometimes translations don’t make much sense, so don’t trust it 100{e7a52b1766653e5331f60fc2ac848da77792257506ce8968f1e5d5119bfb2019}.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have ideas or suggestions for the next, leave it here in the comments.


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