Where to eat crepe in Paris: best crêperies list!

I was always crazy about crepe since I was still living in Brazil and thought I was really eating crepes. Yes, I thought because I ate a crepe that was long, stuffed and spiked on a stick. I found the greatest delight, chicken with cheese so … divine! But one beautiful day, I was able to taste a crepe in Paris and find that the real crepe, classic French cuisine, had nothing to do with the crepe I’ve eaten all my life.

At the time, I was a tourist in Paris, so I probably didn’t eat the best crepe – I bought it at a little stand – but I liked it a lot. Today, living in the French capital, I would preferably go to a good creperie than eat on the street. Even because the prices are not much different, unlike the quality of the crepes.

Finding a crepe in Paris is not difficult. Walking the streets, you will find many places, from a restaurant to a stall. But to find a really delicious crepe, with the dry and well-stuffed pasta, you only find in some restaurants.


Before presenting the best crepes in Paris, I want to share some helpful information:

The tradition is to serve crepe accompanied by a cider, an alcoholic beverage also known as apple wine. In restaurants, it is common to see a bowl or bolée of cider that is nothing more than a bol (like a cup without handle lol);

◊ Usually, in French, we speak crepe for sweet and galette for salty. The big difference between the two is the flour. The galette is made with buckwheat flour and the crepe with wheat flour.



Breizh Café

With the title of one of the best crepes in Paris, Breizh Café is not that famous for nothing. Keeping with the tradition coming from Brittany, it offers a varied menu with sweet and savory options. Installed at two addresses in Paris, the creperie is so successful that it has unity even in Japan. There is a selection of artisan ciders to accompany these delights.

One detail: With that fame, plus the fact that the place is not that big, you may have to wait before getting a table.

Address: 109 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75004 Paris

Au P’tit Grec

An option to eat crepe in Paris without spending too much. At Au P’tit Grec, you don’t have the opportunity of sitting, so you have to choose between crepes and sandwiches, and you will eat wandering the streets of the most intellectual region of the French capital, the Latin Quarter. I mean, there are even some tables, but the place is tiny and crowded. As it is a neighborhood very frequented by students and tourists, almost always has a queue. But it is worth it because there is no economy in the filling and the owner is super funny. = D

Address: 68 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris


La Droguerie du Marais

A cute little place that still preserves the facade of an old pharmacy sells delicious and cheap crepes. The internal space is small, so it is almost always full. But taking your crepe and walking around the area, Le Marais is also a right choice. There is usually a line outside, but it’s worth the wait – the owner, who makes the crepes, is the friendliness in person.

Address: 56 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris

Crepêrie des Canettes

Perfect for those looking for a gluten-free crepe in Paris. Close to the Sainte-Sulpice church, this small creperie has a friendly atmosphere, several crepe options, with generous fillings. I recommend ordering crepe caramel au beurre salé, a traditional recipe that mixes caramel with butter – it looks exotic, but it is TERRIFIC.

Address: 10 Rue des Canettes, 75006 Paris


Little Breizh

Located on a quiet street and almost facing the Little Prince’s shop, Little Breizh passes practically unnoticed by tourists. However, it is another charming place, with delicious crepes and fair price.

For lunch, it offers a traditional menu for 9.90 euros including a galette, a crepe, and cider boule. My suggestion: Sea Chic, with salmon, fresh cream, lemon and a salad – very good!

Address: 11 Rue Gregoire de Tours, 75006 Paris

La Petite Bretonne

All inspired by Brittany, the creperie serves large handmade crepes. The place is simple, with some pictures on the walls that make the atmosphere more intimate. What started as a family business, today has three crepes around Paris. Crepe prices range from 5 to 12 euros. And their suggestion is “No to hamburger, yes to crepe.”

Addresses: 53 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris • 48 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris


Opened in early 2017, it features fresh décor and appealing desserts like the Et Bim. In addition to the many crepe flavors, the menu offers vegan options and salads. From Monday to Friday, it suggests a lunch menu for 13 euros, with galette, crepe, and drink (homemade cider or lemonade).

Address: 73 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris


For those who want to eat a crepe sitting outdoors, this is the ideal place. The creperie has modern decor and a terrace outside in an active area of Paris. The crepes are made with quality ingredients, and the attendants are very friendly. Then you can explore the neighborhood of Belleville (I wrote a Belleville guide, just for you) and end your day eating a crepe, or some, without forgetting a cider to accompany. 😉

Address: 56 Avenue de la République, 75011 Paris

Now just choose where to eat a delicious crepe in Paris. Ahh, then tell me which one you picked and what you thought. 😉


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