New Year’s Eve in London: Here are the options available for 2019/2020!

You planned your trip, but you are still not sure what to do on New Year’s Eve in London? This post is for you! I made a selection of several cool programs to celebrate the new year in London.

For New Year’s Eve, London City Hall organizes a super fireworks display every year. The event takes place in the London Eye region, lasts around 15 minutes, and brings together hundreds of people. It is lovely to see!

To get an idea of ​​what it looks like, watch the video below!

What to do on New Year’s Eve in London?

The fireworks display is the main event and is what catches the attention of the tourists planning to spend the new year in London. To watch the show up close, you have basically two possibilities: stay on the banks of the River Thames; or take a dinner cruise included.

If this is the first suggestion, please be aware that London City Hall closes the area and charges an entrance fee of £ 10. You can buy your ticket online, directly from the government website.

Now, if you prefer something more reserved and warm, below, I have listed several cruise options.

Watch the fireworks on Thames river cruise

For New Year’s Eve, there are several boating packages. Some packages include dinner, others open bar, and so on. As it is a date with high demand, prices are higher compared to the rest of the year.

The Dixie Queen New Year’s Eve Boat Party


The cruise begins at 8 pm with a welcome glass of sparkling Veuve Chapelle. Dinner with hot and dessert dishes and midnight snacks will be served during the tour. All to live music.

Also included is a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate the arrival of 2020. The tour ends around 1:30 am. Ah, crucial detail, drinks are not included in the package price.

New Year’s Eve Firework Cruise onboard the MV London Belle


During five hours of the tour, there will be champagne on arrival, snacks, drinks (beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages.) Also, you will have two bars for those who want to buy spirits, shots, or bottles of champagne, wine, etc.

The boat has a dance floor that will be animated by a DJ all night long. The countdown to the new year will be made in front of Big Ben. Cool, right ?!

NYE Dinner at The Sipping Room and Cruise on the Galaxy Clipper


Before you begin the cruise, you will have dinner at The Sipping Room in Canary Wharf. The restaurant offers a special menu, including a starter, main course, and dessert. To accompany, half a bottle of wine per person. Plus, there is a special menu for vegetarians.

After dinner, it’s time to stroll down the River Thames and contemplate the city of London and the New Year’s Eve fireworks show. At this moment, like the other boats, a glass of champagne will be served to toast.

New Year’s Eve Firework Cruise on the Wyndham


The Wyndham boat offers a five-hour party with free drinks and a DJ. It will also have hot plate food and dessert. The cruise starts at 8:30 pm from St Katharine’s Pier marina and ends around 1:30 am.

Celebrate the new year in London with a view

Doesn’t the idea of ​​spending New Year’s Eve in London on the banks of the Thames have much fun? No problem! Have other purposes for you to watch the fireworks display!

Shard Bar and Restaurant

One of London’s many skyscrapers, the Shard stands out for its pyramid shape and height (it is the tallest in London).

At the top, there is a bar and restaurant with a 360-degree view of the city. In my opinion, one of the most exciting places to spend New Year’s Eve in London.

In addition to the beautiful view of London, there will be a particular turn-of-the-night party with a welcome cocktail, a glass of Moët & Chandon champagne to toast the New Year’s arrival, and a DJ to brighten the night. Tickets start at £249.00.

Sky garden

Another place to see the city from above is the Sky Garden bar and restaurant. By the way, like Shard, it’s a good program all year long.

In addition to the roof garden, as the name implies, there are several bars and restaurants on the building’s top floors.

The last time I was in London, I had an English breakfast at Brasserie Darwin. A delight! But back to the subject, there are also New Year’s Eve parties. No details have been released for this year yet. As soon as I know, I update here. But I also suggest keeping an eye on the Sky Garden website, news & events.

Primrose Hill Park

For those who don’t enjoy jammed places very much, the suggestion is to celebrate New Year’s Eve in one of London’s parks. More precisely, Primrose Hill.

This park has a beautiful view of the city since it is located on a hill. You can see the fireworks from there!

For this program, you can even buy things to eat and have supper right there. Attention: be prepared for the cold. Or you can just watch the fireworks show and end the night at a pub in the Camden Town area.

For now, these are the tips I have to give you. However, once you know more, do I update here?

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